La « MADEMOIZELLE » à l’orgue de Barbarie

Le 9 décembre 2012
Mademoizelle Roquemaure de Claviers chante une chanson qui réchauffe sur la place du marché (de Noël).

Catégorie  : Musique.

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  1. “ Probably the most delightful thing I have seen in my life! Enthusiasm, happiness, delight and just plain JOY of life! YIKES!! Watch the whole thing! Delightful. WE forget about FUN! It is a huge mistake! Don’t forget about fun amid the competition….the daily things we compete about! FUN!!! That is the happiness in life! My silly chickens give me more joy that I can even tell you!!!! Far better than where I am going to dinner…or what I am eating! JOY! There is joy on this lady’s face and in her eyes! You can see it! I LOVE IT!!!! Penelope

    Consultez votre vidéo :

    admin, 5 years ago

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